Working on a Hollywood Movie Set

On the week commencing 17th May 2018, I had the incredible opportunity of being location marshal on the set of 'The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle' (Dolittle) starring Robert Downey Jr. in Kirkby Lonsdale. With this being within my first year of university I felt very privileged to be able to just be a small part of this massive production and see first hand all the hard work and effort that goes in to making a full Hollywood film, and throughout all the days I was there, I was in complete and utter awe of every single crew member, and now the trailer for the film has been released I am able to talk about what it was like working on this small segment of the film.

Without giving anything about the film away, it was astonishing to see the set design, costumes, makeup, and every little thing about the film being brought to life, and I could see the public were just as excited as me. As I was location marshal, my job was to make sure there were no general public coming down the pathway, or people coming out of their houses while they were filming scenes as there were a lot of animals involved and it would have been a dangerous environment. It was my first time using a radio to communicate with other marshals, so when they were going for a take we had to go to our positions, which was conveniently in residents back gardens, and relay our messages to confirm our area was clear of pedestrians so they could do a take of the scene. Also, during my time on set I had to lead a few residents through to their houses for safety reasons, and communicate with the other marshals so everyone knew they had made it through to their homes safely. It was interesting to see what they had to say about there being a Hollywood production being filmed in their hometown, and from all the people I spoke to, they seemed very excited that this was happening and couldn't wait to see the film when it came out in the following years.

Being able to interact with other marshals, who were students on their first proper set just like me, was a big help, as we were all in the same boat when it came to feeling out of place, and knowing just exactly what our job entails and where we need to be when. Each day was a long day of standing around, making sure there wasn't anyone where they shouldn't be, but each time we had a break and a bit of food it refreshed the body and mind, ready for the rest of the day. The food from catering was as amazing as I expected it to be, which made the whole experience ten times better!

Make sure you go and see "Dolittle" in cinemas 17th January 2020!

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