“Memories” is a series of colourful geometric shapes that react to a piece of audio. All elements that trigger memory sensors that allow you to recall a past time in your life. Colours reflect emotions and feelings, shapes to add substance and can come to life in a 3D form, and music to reflect on character and being. All factors that come together to indicate memories and if these components aren’t there, memories become lost and can fade away. 

This was the first time I had ever used after effects, and with some help from my partner I was able to produce a futuristic piece of work, and get an experimental video that envisioned every idea I had for this project, combining elements from the likes of Stranger Things and what its like when you look through a kaleidoscope. I knew I wanted to create something like this when I saw "Engram: Data Sculpture for Melting Memories" but I wanted to have a more colourful aspect with shapes and music involved to allow all the senses to take over and enjoy the shapes react to the music in a satisfying manner.

I originally tried this in the style of the "Engram" video with someone staring at a wall with this video on, however, after trying it, I found it better for the whole focus to be on the shapes as someone stood in front of it takes the viewers attention away from what I want them to see. It also adds to the video art when you use a kaleidoscope to view it as it makes it more futuristic with the duplications of the geometric shapes.

A few weeks after completing this video art, I exhibited my work on a monitor with some headphones and a kaleidoscope by it for anyone to view it and escape from reality for a few minutes, let the shapes take over and take you to another world, and received some wonderful feedback from everyone who watched it.

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